Sam Merrett and the crew of the Schooner Apollonia hope their sail freight enterprise will help rebirth a regenerative river economy in the Hudson Valley.

Susan Arterian Chang

Noah Sheetz,
chef's consortium

Noah brings his love of local food to his work as a contract chef for a NYS agency and to the partnerships he forges with regional chefs and nonprofits through the Chefs’ Consortium.

Susan Arterian Chang

Joseph OF Maple Hill & Van Amburgh OF Dharma Lea Farm

Tim Joseph and Phyllis Van Amburgh talk about why Maple Hill adopted a national distribution model and their worries about the coopting of "regenerative" ag.

Susan Arterian Chang


Visit our sister site, The Field Guide to a Regenerative Economy, to read this story about the organizations and people who are collaborating to connect the local food supply chain into the institutional market. 

Annette Nielsen

Laura Edwards-Orr,
Red Tomato

Laura believes we need a more holistic approach to food system change that addresses the systemic inequities of how it's produced, distributed, and consumed.

Mark Phillips

Sara Simon Common Ground.jpg
Sarah Simon, Common Ground Farm

The farm director of a food justice organization that pioneered the CSA model talks about new ways to deliver healthy food to urban communities.

Javier Gomez

kate galassi alt photo hudson valley har
Kate Galassi, Hudson Valley Harvest

Kate believes the traditional distribution model—as long as it stays true to regenerative values—is the most sustainable way to grow the regional food business.

Susan Arterian Chang

june russell.jpg
JUNE Russell,

GrowNYC has played a key role in coordinating a whole suite of activities necessary for returning local, ecologically grown grains to our food system.

Mark Phillips

Michael Waterman, Canopy holdings

Michael brings a financier's savvy and a beginner's mind to his passion for the regenerative food distribution model.

Susan Arterian Chang

Omari Washington, Hudson Valley Seed

Omari maintains that although increased demand from school districts for local food is advancing the growth of the regional food system, more investment in infrastructure & training is needed.

Javier Gomez

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