Farmers on the fronT lines of climate change

The CO-VID 19 pandemic is but the latest in the mounting evidence that human behavior is altering the healthy functioning of our natural systems. 


As perhaps society's closest observers of these troubling alterations—and our first responders to them—our farmers have deep wisdom and hands-on expertise to share as we seek to restore those systems to health. In the few weeks since the pandemic reached crisis proportions in New York, we've seen ever more intricate and effective food delivery systems emerging from Hudson Valley farming networks as they innovate ways to meet the needs of our urban, suburban, and rural communities. If we needed proof that farmers stand ready to deliver in times of crisis, we have that proof now. 


Here we lift up the voices of those farmers as they advocate for a prominent seat at the policymaking table as we grapple with the collateral damage of the Age of the Anthropocene—the intertwining challenges of climate change, pandemics, and species collapse that threaten our food system and humanity's future on Planet Earth.

Dig Acres Farm Manager &  Vice President, Hudson Valley Young Farmers Coalition

Drawing on a diversity of food work experiences, Larry Tse is in a good position to know what farmers need most from policymakers in their quest to operate sustainably in a climate-challenge world. 


NRCS Biologist and Owner, Making the Turn Farm

Elizabeth Marks is developing a training program for USDA staff to better prepare them to help farmers improve the natural resources on their farms and to be more climate-change resilient.

jenna kincaid

Four Winds Farm Manager &  President, Hudson Valley Young Farmers Coalition

Jenna Kincaid, who's managed a no-till farm for the past eight seasons,  believes regenerative agriculture offers a lot of solutions to the social, environmental, and economic challenges of our time.

BAri Zeiger 

Frost Valley Farm Manager & President, Greater Catskills Young Farmers Coalition

Bari Zeiger says small farmers bring a distinctive knowledge base and value system to farming and should be acknowledged and rewarded for the contributions they can make to climate change resilience.

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