Raymond Figueroa, NYC Community Garden coalition

Raymond says urban farms have value far beyond food production. He is committed to finding creative ways to preserve these endangered community assets.

Julian McKinley

Jonah Fertig-Burd of cdi's COOPERATIVE SYSTEMS

CDI’s Cooperative Systems Program Director Jonah Fertig-Burd develops cooperative initiatives to increase equitable access to markets for food producers.

Robert Raymond

Elizabeth Henderson, the Agricultural Justice PROJECT

Elizabeth Henderson explains the structural reasons why we don’t have a just food system and what her organization is doing to address it.

Robert Raymond

Maggie Gray,
Food Justice Writer

Maggie Gray, author of Labor and the Locavore, says the local food movement has largely neglected farm and food worker justice, and this needs to change.

Robert Raymond

Suzanne Adely, the Food Chain Workers Alliance

Suzanne Adely of the Food Chain Workers Alliance talks about her organization’s work to support and empower food workers in our region. 

Robert Raymond

Laura Edwards-Orr, 
Red Tomato

Laura believes we need a more holistic approach to food system change that addresses the systemic inequities of how it's produced, distributed, and consumed.

Mark Phillips

Jose Oliva, the Food Chain Workers Alliance

Jose Oliva cofounded The Food Chain Workers Alliance to ensure food workers are a part of the ongoing national discourse around food.

Robert Raymond

Qiana Mickie, 
Just Foods

Just Food's Executive Director Qiana Mickie has been refocusing her organization to prioritize equity and food access as its core mission.

Lisa Held

Sarah Simon, Common Ground Farm

The farm director of a food justice organization that pioneered the CSA model talks about new ways to deliver healthy food to urban communities.

Javier Gomez