Julian McKinley

Raymond Figueroa believes the value of urban farms goes far beyond food production. He is committed to finding creative ways to preserve these endangered community assets.

Susan Arterian Chang

Marissa Codey, Columbia Land Conservancy

Marissa Codey, who heads up Columbia Land Conservancy's agricultural programs, describes the evolution of CLC's efforts to preserve farmland and ensure its affordability for coming generations of farmers.

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Susan Arterian Chang

Tianna Kennedy,  Star Route Farm & 607 CSA

Tianna Kennedy talks about how her farming practice has grown, her work as a CSA operator, and the power of farmer collaboratives/cooperatives.

Mark Phillips

Wes Hannah and Bryn Roshong, Solid Ground Farm

These farmers say we need more creative collaborations between farm leasees and landowners and more support to help farmers solve the double affordability gap.

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Mark Phillips

Seeding a nut industry in the Northeast

Read this story about the pioneers of Northeast Nut Farming on our sister site: The Field Guide to a Regenerative Economy 

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Susan Arterian Chang

Jennifer Phillips, 

A sheep farmer and professor of climate and agroecology defines regenerative farming as the inextricable intertwining of habitat creation and soil health.

Susan Arterian Chang

CHRIS CASHEN, The Farm at Miller’s Crossing

Chirs Cashen talks about the joys and challenges of farming in the evolving (and endangered) agricultural landscape of Columbia County. 

Cornell Coop Extension Niles photo.jpeg

Javier Gomez

Stiles Renee Najac, Cornell Cooperative Extension

Stiles says farmers must be guided to use their limited resources more optimally, not just grow more food, and they need more food matchmakers!

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Susan Arterian Chang

Martin Ping,
Hawthorne Valley ASSOC.

Martin believes that the growth of a sustainable regional food system requires that we "re-value" relationship and mutuality.


Kevin Irby

Kevin EGolf,
Local Farms Fund

Kevin Egolf reports on the challenges he faces as a farmland impact investment fund manager seeking to give new farmers access to leased land with a path to ownership.


Mark Phillips

Greene & Kaufman,
Propagate Ventures

Propogate Ventures cofounders Harry Greene and Jeremy Kaufman talk about collecting data on margins and pricing across the regenerative ag supply chain.

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Mark Phillips

Connor Stedman, Appleseed Permaculture & terra Genesis

Connor reflects on the challenge of farm land access and the need for better ways to help farmers engage in climate change solutions.


Susan Arterian Chang

Joseph Of Maple Hill & Van Amburgh OF Dharma Lea Farm

Tim Joseph and Phyllis Van Amburgh remind us that agriculture is about nurturing healthy soil and why that should matter to everyone.

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